K-Rend Silicone TC30

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A thin coat lightweight render. K Rend Silicone TC30 is a ready to use organic resin render which is applied to provide a low maintenance textured finish. It is designed to be used on external wall insulating render systems (It is also suitable for most other substrates.) and available in a wide range of colours which are co-ordinated to the colour of the Primer TC. Silicone TC should be used after the application of the Primer TC.

To be used as part of the Silicone Thin Coat (TC) range which consists of:

HP14 Basecoat, Primer TC, TC15 & TC30 Top Coat. (Consider other base coats from our range for other substrates.)

The system is suitable where lightweight render systems are required, such as external wall insulation systems.

Available in two different textures: TC 15 & TC 30 and an extensive range of colours.

Supplied in 25KG drums, with an expected coverage of 5.0 kg / sq m approx

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