RonaScreed Fastdry Prompt 20L

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RonaScreed Fastdry Prompt Data Sheet

RonaScreed Fastdry Prompt Screed is screeding additive for site batched screeds. It is used to quickly reduce the level of retained moisture within the screed allowing floor coverings to be laid over the screed much sooner than with conventional screeds. RonaScreed Fastdry Prompt Screed gains strength quickly, permitting early access by following trades. RonaScreed Fastdry Prompt Screed is supplied in concentrated form and used in low dilution. It promotes rapid drying and early laying of floor coverings such as sheet vinyl, tiles and other materials including the range of RonaFloor Epoxy and Polyurethane coatings. Floor screeds containing RonaScreed Fastdry Prompt Screed can receive floor coverings in as little as 4 days (50mm screed) or 6 days (75mm/100mm screed).

Features and Benefits

  • 50mm screeds can be covered after 4 days
  • 75mm screeds can be covered after 6 days
  • 100mm screeds can be covered after 6 days
  • Commissioning of underfloor heating can commence after 2 days
  • Open to foot traffic and trades next day
  • Reduces on site delays
  • Rapid early strength development

Each 20 litre unit of RonaScreed FastDry Prompt is sufficient for 1 or 2 cubic metres of screed depending on the dosage used.

Sold as 20L Tub.