Warmline EPS Insulated Plasterboard

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Warmline EPS Insulated Plasterboard 2400mm x 1200mm Data Sheet

By using Warmline EPS Insulated Plasterboard laminates, wall and roof thermal efficiency can be improved. EPS Insulated Plasterboard laminates are fully compliant with Part L of the Building Regulations.

Fixing Instructions for Dot & Dab

  • For bonding Warmline EPS Insulated Plasterboard range to a wall use a proprietary gypsum based adhesive.
  • Please follow the manufacturers instructions. As per manufacturers recommendations apply a continuous ribbon of adhesive around any openings.
  • Apply 3 vertical rows of adhesive dabs to the walls at 300mm centres. Also insure that there is a continuous bead at the bottom and top.
  • After the adhesive has set fix a minimum of 2 insulation anchors through the board into the wall. They must go into the masonry by a minimum of 30mm.

Fixing instructions for mechanical fixing

  • Fix to the wall treated batons 50mm x 25mm at a maximum of 600mm centres. Also fit horizontal batons at both floor and ceiling level.
  • Then fit the Warmline board using drywall screws at 150mm centres. Always insure that they penetrate the batons by 25mm.
  • When installing boards to rafters fix them at right angles to the timbers. To ensure a solid finish bridging pieces are to used inbetween the rafters.