146mm Metal C Stud - Pack of 10

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146mm Metal C Stud

Metal C Stud, Easy to handle and transport, this metal stud is an ideal building tool for both commercial as well as domestic building.

This durable stud is impervious to insects, rots & fire. It doesn’t shrink, split, wrap, bow or twist and thus, offers nail pops-and crack-free straight walls.

It serves as an economical solution for screw fixing plasterboard to non-load bearing partitions, stairwell, corridor ceilings and bulkheads.

The metal stud is tested to ensure a robust and sturdy construction that can easily sustain ample load; it thus, can be used for intended applications.

Dimensionally stable, stronger yet light weighted!

This ecological friendly metal stud is available in extensive line of sizes to meet the exact requirement of both commercial as well as domestic building.


This metal stud is easy to set up. Its installation requires battery operated or electric screw gun for fast installation.
Our 146mm Metal C Stud uses UltraSTEEL® technology for extra stability, lighter handling, and better screw retention. The stud leg is 5mm longer than alternative products, which improves strength while giving you a bigger target for board fixing.
Embossed edging makes the stud more rigid, stopping it from twisting and moving as much when you're fixing boards. It also creates stronger walls with much less deflection.