146mm Metal I Stud - Pack of 10

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146mm Metal I Stud

146mm Metal I Stud is similar to a wood stud in the sense that it usually has similar dimensions, and its structure is equally easily insulated as a wood stud.

Metal stud work serves as a secure and protective framework when insulating sheets of material are inserted between them.

In load-bearing walls or exterior walls, heavier gauge metal studs are ideal, while lighter gauge metal studs are suitable for partitions.

Whether you are looking for metal stud wall or ceiling products, we have a variety of high-quality studs at affordable prices.

As the Metal stud wall is a durable material you will also benefit from lower insurance premiums as there is less risk of infection, fire, and decay with a metal stud partition.

146mm Metal I Stud is an essential component when making the stud wall and is for vertical use when making a wall.

Metal stud is available in a wide range of widths, lengths and thicknesses which is dependent on the requirement of the build for strength, height, impact resistance and sound insulation.

146mm Metal I Stud wall is quick to install whilst also offering an exceptional level of fire resistance.