92mm Metal I Stud - Pack of 10

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92mm Metal I Stud

92mm I Stud Sections are available in different lengths to suit your needs; see the drop down menu for a full list. 92mm Metal I Stud is to be used in conjunction with metal stud wall partitioning systems.

This product acts as a separating device that effectively holds the plasterboards in place. It maintains the strength of the wall partitioning by acting as a supporting structural beam.

Use this product with the 94mm Metal Track and 92mm ‘C’ Shaped Metal Studs to create the framework for your metal wall stud system.

Our strongest 92mm Metal I Stud profile in 0.9mm gauge metal lets you reach maximum height and strength without sacrificing space.

The higher you build, the stronger your partitions need to be, which can mean less room space. 92mm Metal I Stud are much stronger and more robust than equivalent 'C' studs, enabling you to build higher, more impact resistant walls without making them thicker.