MF17 Suspension Angle 3000mm - All Sizes (Pack of 10)

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MF17 Suspension Angle 3000mm 

Galvanised Steel Metal Angle MF17 for Drywall Partitions produced with a 90-degree angle, our stainless steel angles are made from grade 304 stainless steel, are sourced from accredited mills and are fully certified. Stainless steel is a popular option for a variety of applications as it is long-lasting and not easily corroded.

Galvanised Steel Metal Angle MF17 are widely used to contain, protect, reinforce and support various surfaces whether in ceramic, glass, plaster, plastic, stone, wood or other metals. Perfect for small projects such as: wall corners, counters and worktop edges.

  • MF ceiling system can be used in both residential and commercial properties
  • MF Sytems allow services to be accommodated. A wide range ceiling heights can be achieved to accommodate services.
  • MF ceiling system is compatible with all proprietary plasterboards.
  • MF ceiling components are manufactured to BS 7364-1990 from pre galvanized material to BS EN 10327: 2004.
  • Quick and simple to construct and install.
  • MF system is suitable for any type of proprietary plasterboard.
  • Products can be easily cut to required length using powered cutting tools or snips.
  • Insulation and acoustic materials can be installed for improved sound and thermal performances.

Galvanised Steel Metal Angle MF17 for Drywall (3.0m Length) are ideal for giving your building durable support and are widely used in the construction industry for building homes and other structures.

The can be used for a range of applications, from covers, holders, posts and frames, to trims, tracks and girts. Similarly, in the marine, chemical and food processing industries, stainless steel angles are ideal for braces and framework.