GL8 Metal Stud Wall Perimeter Track - 3m - Pack of 10

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GL8 Metal Stud Wall Perimeter Track

Wall Lining System includes

  • GL1 (Stud)
  • GL2 (Wall Bracket 195mm)
  • GL3 (Channel Connector)
  • GL8 (Track)
  • GL9 (Wall Bracket 295mm)

The Perimeter Track is used to create the head and base of the Metal Stud Wall. It is also used to guide and keep in place the other channels of the wall.

Use Metal Stud Wall Channels to construct the main supporting system of the Metal Stud Wall.

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GL8 Metal Stud Wall Liner Tracks provide excellent acoustic and thermal performance when combined with plasterboard linings.

All plasterboard brands are compatible with these high-performance internal framing profiles, which ensure a quick and reliable installation process.

  • Easy to cut
  • Improved screw retention
  • Includes sight lines
  • High strength
  • Corrosion protection