K-Rend UF Base Coat 25KG

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K-Rend UF Base Coat Data Sheet

K Rend Standard UF base coat is a high, general purpose render, for use over medium density blockwork as a primary coat for K Rend finishes, and is applied by hand or spray.

  • Coverage: 1.8kg / mm thick /sq m
  • Require: 14-18kg / sq m for 8-10mm thickness.

Application Instructions: 

  • Primary Coat, where required should be applied to substrates as preparation for subsequent coats. Thickness should be as per product specification. It is important to take special care to straighten with a Darby / straight edge to ensure that the next coat is applied to uniform level
  • Form a light key only
  • Allow 24 hours curing time before further application, unless advised otherwise. For info on unusual substrates, seek technical advice.