Kingspan Thermawall TW55 Insulation 1200mm x 2400mm - All Sizes

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Kingspan Thermawall TW55 Data Sheet

Kingspan Thermawall TW55 Insulation is a high performance insulation with a fibre-free rigid thermoset polyisocyanurate (PIR) core. It is used to insulate timber and steel framing systems, and has a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/mK.


  • Insulation for Steel Framing and Timber Systems
  • Thermal conductivity as low as 0.022 W/m.K
  • Convenient for use with steel and timber frame wall constructions
  • Does not get affected through air movement
  • Easy to install and handle
  • Perfect for refurbishment
  • Non–deleterious material

Kingspan Thermawall TW55 Insulation is a high-performance insulation for timber frame and steel frame walls. It has a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/mK. Kingspan Thermawall TW55 Insulation boards are easy to cut and handle, ensuring an efficient installation process. They are available in a range of thicknesses.

Pack Sizes:

Thickness Boards per Pack Pack Coverage
20mm 15 43.20m2
25mm 12 34.56m2
30mm 10 28.80m2
40mm 8 23.04m2
50mm 6 17.28m2
60mm 5 14.40m2
70mm 4 11.52m2
75mm 4 11.52m2
80mm 4 11.52m2
90mm 3 8.64m2
100mm 3 8.64m2
120mm 2 5.76m2
125mm 2 5.76m2
140mm 2 5.76m2
150mm 2 5.76m2

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