Knauf Wallboard Tapered Edge 1200mm x 2700mm - All Sizes

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Knauf Wallboard Data Sheet

Strong and versatile, Knauf Wallboard is a cost-effective choice for partitions, linings and ceilings with standard performance requirements.

Manufactured from the highest quality gypsum, our plasterboards are versatile, strong and easy to use.
Special additives are used to provide a full range of high-performance boards suited to acoustic, impact, fire-resisting and moisture resisting applications. Suitable for direct decoration or plaster finish.

Knauf Wallboard is the cost-effective solution for many standard partition performance requirements. This performance can be enhanced - where additional acoustic, moisture, fire, vapour or impact resistance is required - by Knauf Sound Panel, Moisture Panel, Fire Panel, Vapour Panel and Impact Panel. But for more demanding commercial applications, Knauf Soundshield Plus and Knauf Performance Plus are designed to meet even greater levels of performance.

This plasterboard is ideal for domestic and commercial spaces. We recommend using this Knauf wallboard for putting up partitions in large or small spaces, securing walls by attaching the additional lining, building unified ceilings in standard performance environments. Thanks to the ivory paper backed face and tapered edges, this wallboard can be easily jointed and taped to accommodate larger spaces.