MF9 Furring To Channel Clip (Box of 100)

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MF9 Furring To Channel Clip

MF9 Metal Furring Clips connection Bracket is for use with suspended ceilings. It is used as an alternative method for fixing the MF5 Ceiling Section to the MF7 Primary Support Channel.

Tin strips and mineral wool can also be incorporated for thermal or acoustic insulation. Its acoustic performances can be improved by using Acoustic Hangers. MF ceiling creates a seamless surface suitable to receive most decorative finishes.

It is able to be directly decorated or it can have a textured finish. It fits together easily, making the ceiling plasterboard suitable for fixing all types of plasterboard.

The MF Suspended System plasterboard ceilings are ideal for commercial and domestic applications. MF ceiling height may be adjusted to accommodate ducting or other services whilst still providing sound insulation and fire protection.