Celotex PL4000 PIR Insulated Plasterboard 12.5mm x 1200mm x 2400mm - All Sizes

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Celotex PL4000 PIR Insulated Plasterboard

Celotex PL4000 PIR Insulated Plasterboard, you need to satisfy yourself that use of the product meets all relevant national Building Regulations and guidance as well as local, national and other applicable standards relevant for your construction or application, including requirements in relation to fire and applicable height restrictions.

Please refer to the following product documents:

Celotex PL4000 PIR Insulated Plasterboard should not be used in the external walls of buildings over 18 metres in height (England and Wales) or 11 metres in height (Scotland). Recent changes to Building Regulations mean that only non-combustible insulation or insulation of limited combustibility can be used in buildings of that height.

Fire Classification

Euroclass B-s1, d0 Reaction to Fire classification, according to BS EN 13501-1

Product Specification

Thickness (mm)* Length (mm) Width (mm) Lambda Value (W/m.K) R-Value (m².K/W)#
37.5 2400 1200 0.022 1.20
52.5 2400 1200 0.022 1.85
62.5 2400 1200 0.022 2.30
72.5 2400 1200 0.022 2.75
77.5 2400 1200 0.022 3.00

* Thickness includes 12.5mm plasterboard
# R-Value including plasterboard.