Aged External Wall Insulation ? EPS

Expandable polystyrene boards are used as part of a render system to provide an efficient and cost effective solution.

Kay-Metzeler external wall insulation is an accepted way of improving the thermal value to the outer face of most external walls.

Kay-Metzeler external wall insulation when used on the external face of a masonry wall maximises the natural thermal capacity of the wall and assists in the reduction of thermal fluctuations.

Uninsulated walls are one of the largest heat loss areas within a buildings construction, external wall insulation therefore offers a cost effective solution to reducing your carbon footprint, protecting the environment and saving the household money on their heating bills.

Kay-Metzeler offer various bespoke grades for thermal wall insulation; grades such as Kay-Cel Super Plus which is a black, low thermal valued board, plus EPS 70E and EPS 300E grade all containing a fire retardant additive. Thermal values ranging from 0.038 to 0.031 W/mk. Low Pentane grades of EPS raw material are used for external wall applications to minimise any board movement.

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